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"I can be intense. I cab be territorial. And god knows I can be mule-headed. But I'm also yours, if you'll have me."

Dyson is a homicide detective in the human world. He is a Light Fae member and takes the form of a wolf (Although he claims that he is a quarter-leprechaun, but it is unclear if he was telling the truth). His abilities appear to be heightened sense and supernatural strength. His partner and best friend is Hale, another Light Fae detective, who is a Siren. He was the love interest of the Succubus Bo, initially helping her heal and feed when she still had trouble controlling her powers, but sacrificed his love for her to the Norn to help her in a battle against her mother. He also has a close relationship with The Dal bartender and owner Trick, a Light Fae elder.

[Muse and mun over 18. Dyson is from the show Lost Girl.]
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